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  • General Manager: Pam Abbott
  • Site Director: Ruthie Friedlander
  • Executive Editor: Kim Peiffer
  • Features Director: Jessie Heyman
  • News Editor: Hana Asbrink
  • Associate Editor: Mari Kasanuki
  • Senior Beauty Editor: Selene Milano
  • Digital Beauty Editor: Victorial Moorhouse
  • Associate Beauty Editor: Marianne Mychaskiw
  • Digital Fashion News Editor: Andrea Cheng
  • Senior Social Media Manager Macey Hall
  • Social Media Editor: Karen Ho
  • Assistant Editor, Audience Engagement: Jonathan Borge
  • Associate Director of Product: Christina Vermillion
  • Senior Product Manager: Deb Seeto
  • Head of SEO: Binti Pawa
  • Principal Engineer: Hans Gutknecht
  • Developer: Hedy Deng
  • Developer: Payal Joshi
  • Developer: Matthew Panton
  • Developer: Andrew Shulman
  • Senior Project Manager: Karen Bowers
  • Site Producer: Lauren Kane
  • Associate Producer: Katie Donbavand
  • Video Producer: Norell Giancana
  • Senior Multimedia Editor: Emily Shornick
  • Photo Editor: Sarah Balch
  • Assistant Photo Editor: Lauren Brill


Most of our food images and videos and are produced on location in Homewood, Alabama, in the Time Inc. Food Studios. Special thanks to the Alabama Film Office for their assistance.

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