These Under-21 Celebrity Homeowners Are Living the Dream

These Under-21 Celebrity Homeowners Are Living the Dream
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Most late teens and early twenty-somethings dream of renting a spacious and affordable studio apartment or landing a job that will forgive their student loans. For Hollywood’s youth, this isn’t the case—not even close.

Teen stars have been inspiring jealousy in us regular folk FOREVER. (I don’t care what you say, I’m never not going to want to be Lindsay Lohan.) Fame, good looks, enviable style, and independent wealth—what could be better? I mean, happiness, of course, but money is a good place to start.

These young, successful household names should be incredibly proud, they’ve already amassed more wealth than most people do in a lifetime. And with it, they’ve started amazing real estate portfolios.

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Scroll down to see which under-21 celebrities are proud homeowners.

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