Victoria Beckham’s Carpool Karaoke Was Unlike Anything We'd Ever Seen

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Just hours after teasing a Carpool Karaoke segment on social media, Victoria Beckham is spicing up our lives with the release of the singalong ride, and it delivers in a major way with a fun new twist.

On Thursday, former Posh Spice and Late Late Show host James Corden revamped the viral series with a play on one of the duo's favorite movies the 1987 film Mannequin.

In fact, the British comedian went one step further and jokingly confirmed that the pair would be starring as Andrew McCarthy's and Kim Cattrall's characters in an apparent reboot of the film, and the supposed "trailer" is just too good.

Corden, who falls in love with a mannequin (Beckham) that comes to life only for him, twirls the designer (and InStyle April cover star) around a room, much to the confusion of the gawking crew members.

"The world couldn't understand their love," a voiceover announces over the romantic scene. "Like, really couldn't understand their love. No, seriously, they didn't get it."

And because Carpool Karaoke wouldn't be complete without a Spice Girls-filled drive around Los Angeles, the mom-of-four and the funnyman attracted stares as they hit the road with the dummy in shotgun and got down to hits from the '90s girl band.

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Watch the pair lip-sync along to "Spice Up Your Life" and pay tribute to Mannequin In the hilarious video above!


[MUSIC] What's a Spice Girl? The Spice Girls was a pop group, and we used to say girl power all the time and we thought that girls were better than boys. [MUSIC] Did London Bridge really fall down? London Bridge did not fall down Exactly, little bit severe fall down and that was a long long time ago. Before even I was born. [SOUND] Dancing queen. I have been to the queen's house. And it's a huge great big palace, and she sits on a throne. And she is beautiful. So yes, I have met the queen. [MUSIC]
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