Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Sweets

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Sweets

Valentine's Day offers the prettiest sweets of any holiday, so regardless of whether or not you plan to celebrate, now's the time to hoard all things red, pink, and heart emblazoned. We'd never turn down a heart-shaped box of chocolates or pack of conversation hearts, but if you're looking to step up your V-Day game, here are some ways to get your sugar fix.

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Pop the cork of Moet & Chandon's ever appropriate Rose for a Galantine's get together, or satisfy your sweet tooth by binging on Candy Club's limited edition selection of treats. FIKA NYC's "date night" themed chocolate box includes two of each flavor and will ensure he won't eat your half, or at least make it glaringly obvious that he did. Click through our sweet-filled gallerywe see some chocolate covered strawberries in your future!


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