7 Little Known Facts About the Costumes on UnReal

7 Little Known Facts About the Costumes on <em>UnReal</em>
Courtesy of Lifetime

Just like the show itself, there is definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to the costumes on Lifetime’s UnReal.

“We have two different worlds that we explore on the show,” says costume designer Cynthia Summers. “The characters in front of the camera are sparkly, happy, and looking for love, so everything is super colorful. And then there are the characters behind the camera, wearing working clothes, which means a lot of dark colors and earth tones.”

Both end up being a challenge for Summers, who outfits the cast including Constance Zimmer, Shiri Appleby, B.J. Britt, and the 26 contestants looking for love and fame on The Bachelor-like dating show, Everlasting. “For each girl, we had to have bikinis, casual looks, date looks, and elimination ceremony gowns,” says Summers. “I looked at the backstory of each contestant and where they were from and then I would put together a storyboard of what they should look like.”

And as for her two leading ladies? Both have upped their fashion game this season, according to Summers. “Quinn and Rachel have come back in season two in more powerful positions and everyone has gotten a raise,” she says. Enter, Quinn’s enviable collection of Victoria Beckham sheaths and Rachel’s sexy Helmut Lang leather pants. “Rachel looks to Quinn for a lot and now that she’s taking her position, she starts to dress like her in her own way,” says Summers. Baggy jeans, be gone.

Read on for more details about Quinn and Rachel’s changing style and seven other surprising facts about the costumes on this season of UnReal.

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