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Scripted! Push the Envelope with Wedding Calligraphy

Scripted! Push the Envelope with Wedding Calligraphy

Hand calligraphy is putting the word back in weddings. What has always been the finest way to get an invitation to its guest (yes, snail mail) is one of the hottest ways to make your wedding one to watch. Even in an increasingly digital era, talented modern-day scribes are perfecting this age-old tradition with inventive new appeal: look out for loose penmanship in mixed fonts, neon inks and ombrés, and bold wedding day elements all bearing a special signature. When it comes to wed-spiration, push the (inner and outer) envelope with these breathtaking ideas! Postscript (pun intended): If you love calligraphy as much as we do, you too can learn the tricks of the trade at the many calligraphy workshops popping up on the scene from coast-to-coast.

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