28 Times Taylor Swift's Cats Embodied Her Lyrics

28 Times Taylor Swift's Cats Embodied Her Lyrics
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Happy 28th birthday to our favorite lyricist, awkward audience dancer, and legs-for-days cat lady, Taylor Swift!

Dr. Meredith Grey and Detective Olivia Benson have been members of the Swift family since 2011 and 2014 respectively, and haven't left her side since. The duo is now synonymous with Taylor's persona, and have turned even the most feline-averse folk among us into serious cat lovers. And who can blame us?! They seem to have such personalities, if only through Swift's Instagram lens, not to mention their hilarious methods of sitting around the house—slumped backwards on a chair, blending in with the couch, on their hind legs meerkat-style. You name it, they've done it.

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Plus after re-listening to some old Taylor songs we've come to the realization that all of her songs were written for the two true loves in her life: her cats.

Scroll down below to see why many of Swift's songs were about her feline friends. The evidence is in the details, people! Happy birthday to Taylor—we hope it's a great one!

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