26 Sizzling Celebrities on Pool Floats, Because Summer

26 Sizzling Celebrities on Pool Floats, Because Summer

True or false: pool floats are so over? False!

Taylor Swift and ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris may have arguably made pool floats cool the summer of 2015 (yep, it’s been two years) when they cozied up on a white swan beneath the sun. From that moment on, her entire squad and A-list names seemed to follow, regularly taking to Instagram to share images with their beloved inanimate blow-up animal of choice.

But is sharing a 'gram of your summer self with a float still a thing? We fully embraced our investigate, journalistic duties and discovered that indeed, stars are still interested in hitting “share” on that epic pool float pic (PFP, we’ll call it). And while the swan may have had its moment, one new friend has become far more popular: the flamingo. Everyone from Kendall Jenner (above) to Justin Bieber to Dua Lipa has turned to a pink version of the tropical blow-up. Who needs a swan when you’ve got a flamingo, right?

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Of course, more colorful, hilarious floats have drawn our attention this year. A hot trend? Tiny floats literally designed to carry your glass of rosé. Still not convinced?

Scroll down to let these celebrities convince you to get on board with the PFP, ASAP.

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