15 Celebrities Whose Hidden Musical Talents Will Surprise You

15 Celebrities Whose Hidden Musical Talents Will Surprise You
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Channing Tatum is a can-do kind of guy. I mean, we already knew that he was wildly talented, but his drive for constant improvement is really inspiring. The actor recently demoed his piano skills on Instagram—he just started this year, but we must say, he’s already pretty on point—er, pitch?

In honor of Tatum’s commitment to excellence in a variety of performing arts (he's basically the male J.Lo), we’ve rounded up other actors who’ve proved themselves to be musically inclined—some of them have even put out albums!

These dynamic celebs have a broad grasp on the entertainment industry and we really, really hope they decide to bring their musical talents to the silver screen. We're thinking a Crossroads remake starring Ryan Gosling, Maya Rudolph, and Halle Berry ...? It's box office gold and you know it.

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