Stars' Best Halloween Costumes

Stars' Best Halloween Costumes

Where were you when Kylie Jenner nearly broke the Internet and dressed up as Christina Aguilera for Halloween in 2016?

The 20-year-old reality TV star and beauty mogul nailed the pop star’s look from her unforgettable “Dirrty” music video, chaps and itty-bitty bra included. But of course, she’s not the only star who’s given us some serious costume inspiration over the years.

Bette Midler made any Hocus Pocus fan proud when she once again transformed into Winifred Sanderson, giving us all plenty to talk about. In 2004, a throwback, we know, Anne Hathaway headed to Heidi Klum’s annual buzzy Halloween party dressed as the queen of the Nile. It was fab!

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Other way-back-when looks we love? Paris Hilton dressed up as Alice and Scarlett Johansson covered in makeup that made it look like a bullet, unfortunately, hit her head.

Scroll down to look back on the best celebrities Halloween costumes.

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