20 Times Sofía Vergara's Love of Food Showed Us She Can Hang 

20 Times Sofía Vergara's Love of Food Showed Us She Can Hang 

Plain and simple: Sofía Vergara loves to eat.

Who doesn’t, am I right? But really. If you take a look at the 45-year-old’s Instagram feed you’ll find that when she’s not spending time with hunky husband Joe Manganiello or reminding us that no one looks as hot as she does on the red carpet, she’s in the kitchen enjoying the best that life has to offer.

Sometimes, Manganiello whips up a meal that she can’t help but share. Other times, Vergara hosts those nearest and dearest to her heart while hiring a chef to make sugary treats. Often, though, it’s the Modern Family star herself that’s in on the action, drizzling icing onto a cake for a holiday or learning to make cotton candy.

One thing’s for sure: The girl is a total foodie and isn’t afraid of hiding it. From posing next to entire plates of gourmet grub at the dinner table to posting images of the dishes themselves, Vergara isn’t afraid of showing off what she eats.

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In 2015, she told us that while she works out regularly, she’s not going to deny herself some delicious food. “I think you should never stop doing the things that really make you happy or that you like doing,” she said, explaining that she’s loved sweets her whole life. “If I’m going to eat a whole ice cream, or if I’m going to eat a whole chocolate, I try not to order pizza or pasta that night to balance.”

For that, we love her even more. In honor of Vergara's birthday, scroll down to see 20 times she was proud to flaunt her love of food on Instagram.

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