The Signature Poses of 10 Oscar Nominees

The Signature Poses of 10 Oscar Nominees
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The red carpet can be intimidating for any actress—especially at the Oscars, when the style stakes are especially high, and the chances of a wardrobe malfunction even higher.

But true to form, our favorite A-listers have each discovered a way to look their best amidst the push and pull of the paparazzi. The secret? Finding a signature pose and sticking to it. It pretty much guarantees a great photo, never mind of the gown. Bonus: it takes the awkwardness out of the eternul conundrum of what to do with your hands.

Ahead of Sunday’s ceremony, we’re taking a closer at the go-to stances for this year’s crop of Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress nominees. From Emma Stone’s trademark over-the-shoulder glance to Nicole Kidman’s power pose, it seems that each one has developed their own unique way of working the camera, time and again. After all, they don’t call it the step and repeat for nothing.

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