7 Reasons J.Lo and A-Rod Would Make the Ultimate Couple

7 Reasons J.Lo and A-Rod Would Make the Ultimate Couple
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J.Lo fans have been through a lot this past year. Our hopes were high when rumors of Dray-Lo relationship gained steam in late December, only to be quashed by Lopez herself. Not to mention our disappointment when we realized the singer and her ex-husband, Marc Anthony, would not be getting back together following his recent divorce ...

It’s hard to believe in love again after discovering that Drake and J.Lo aren’t the star-crossed lovers we hoped them to be, but we’re beginning to think that A-Rod and J.Lo (J-Rod? A.Lo?) may be an even better match. Although neither Lopez nor Rodriguez has publically confirmed the relationship, we did some matchmaking analysis of our own, and their union makes a lot of sense.

Plus, we have reason to believe the pair spent the weekend together in the Bahamas ... To boot, a source told People that Rodriguez "has always been taken with the beauty and personality of Jennifer Lopez," noting that Lopez is his "dream girl."

Time will tell whether these two are truly meant to be, but based on the evidence we’ve gathered, it’s a match.

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Scroll down below to see why we think J.Lo and A.Rod would make the ultimate couple.

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