Believe It or Not, Even Olivia Munn Has Bad Style Days—Here's How She Avoids Them

Believe It or Not, Even Olivia Munn Has Bad Style Days—Here's How She Avoids Them
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Olivia Munn is today’s guest editor! Check back throughout the day for exclusive content straight from the actress herself. Go to Here, Munn tells us the secrets to her flawless style, on and off the red carpet, plus she shares photos of when she felt her best!

On the HBO show The Newsroom, Olivia Munn’s character wears mostly dark colors, classic silhouettes, and minimal jewelry, but in the real world the actress prefers to dress differently. “For me, for my life, I love to play around more with accessories and dresses and prints and colors,” Munn says.

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“She’s not afraid to try new things which is what I love about working with her,” says Micaela Erlanger, Munn’s stylist. “She looks great in anything. She has this gorgeous, dewy skin tone and honestly because of that, she can wear a ton of colors that are tricky.”

Munn is all about comfort, whether it’s on the red carpet or during her downtime on the weekends. “Weekends are the time when I get to actually dress up in my own kind of way,” the actress says. Her go-to outfit used to be a cable knit crewneck Ralph Lauren sweater paired with jeans, and although she just stocked up on her favorite paper-thin cashmere sweaters from the label, this fall she’s also going to experiment a bit more. “I got these amazing Céline boots and I think this fall I’m going to do tights and knee-high socks and do that layered look on the bottom with a cute, short dress--and pile on some jackets,” Munn tells InStyle.

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Despite her love for experimentation, the actress admits that she didn’t get in to fashion until about two years ago--and now she's hooked. “It's so much more fun to care about dressing up and have fun with it when you're feeling good about yourself—you love the clothes, you're happy with your hair and makeup and you've been making those training sessions... which for me can all be a crapshoot," she says.

Being multi-ethnic (her mom is Chinese, her dad is German/Irish), finding a makeup artist who knows how to work with her face was a challenge. "Highlighter between my eyes will make me look cross-eyed and I have no idea why," Munn says. And because of her height and curves (she's 5'4") it was also difficult to find a stylist who knew how to accentuate the right spots and not over-accentuate the others. "If you look at most pictures, my smile betrays my comfort level every time. If I look in the mirror before an event and I don't feel like myself, there's no way I can pretend I feel comfortable when there are dozens of cameras pointed at me. I usually have this look on my face that says 'Ugh, I feel stupid' and that's definitely not chic." Munn adds that she loves working with Erlanger because if she doesn’t feel comfortable in something they move on, but at the same time she encourages the actress to try new trends or amazing pieces. “She knows what suits her,” the stylist says.

Knowing what suits her includes knowing her figure, which Erlanger notes the actress loves to embrace and show off. “We like to have fun. She can carry so many different looks. She has fabulous legs. She can rock a pair of shorts,” she says. “She’s a chameleon in a way because she can carry so many different looks. I think ultimately she’s elegant and feminine and sexy. Probably more sultry, I would say.”

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