8 Musicians You Didn’t Know Had Their Own TV Shows

8 Musicians You Didn’t Know Had Their Own TV Shows
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Being a musician is an exhausting job. Between recording albums, promoting them, playing them around the country, and then doing it all over again with new music, it’s hard to imagine that the music industry’s hottest professionals get a lot of downtime in the heyday of their careers.

But somehow, these eight stars managed to make it to some of the world’s biggest stages—and film a TV show of their own on the side. Whether they’re executive producing a fictional drama like 50 Cent or starring in a reality show of their own like Mariah Carey in her upcoming series, Mariah’s World, these stars put in some serious hustle on the side to do it all.

Who can forget Jessica Simpson’s “chicken of the sea” comment on Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, or Britney Spears’s troubled series, Britney and Kevin: Chaotic, filmed just two years before her head-shaving meltdown?

VIDEO: Christina Aguilera's Spot-on Britney Spears Impression

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