9 Stars Who Attended Money’s Best Colleges of 2016

9 Stars Who Attended <em>Money</em>’s Best Colleges of 2016
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The perks of a career in Hollywood often times gives stars the opportunity to opt out of a college or even high school education. But for some major A-listers, skipping hours-long library sessions and polishing up those SAT scores was a major priority.

Money has released its annual Best Colleges rankings earlier this week and the results prove that top schools in the U.S. regularly attract brainy celebrities looking to gain new skills and greater knowledge. According to Money, the full list of over 700 schools is based on the quality of education, alumni access, and affordability of each. And while they change each year, top-notch universities like Princeton, Harvard, Yale, and Stanford once again made the high-tier cut.

So which household names have attended the best-of-the-best colleges out there? While Natalie Portman famously spent her time inside the halls of Harvard, other favorites sported their cap and gown at some surprising institutions of higher learning.

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See 9 stars that attended colleges in Money’s top 10 list below— and visit new.time.com to view the full 2016 rankings.

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