Martha Stewart Gave Us a Big Hint About Her Halloween Costume

Martha Stewart Gave Us a Big Hint About Her Halloween Costume
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On Tuesday night, Hollywood stars traveled by land and sea—literally, since boats and custom trolleys were involved—to a party on Governors Island in New York to celebrate Cartier's new high-end jewelry collection Résonances de Cartier and the brand's new N.Y.C. exhibition.

While guests wined and dined while wearing all things Cartier, Martha Stewart sported a set of gorgeous pearls and talked to us about one of her favorite holidays: Halloween. The lifestyle mogul notoriously goes all out for the season, and she gave InStyle a big hint at what's to come this year.

“Halloween’s my big holiday,” she said. “I’m working on my costume that has to do with candy. That’s all I can tell you.”

While we may not know details yet (though "candy" is certainly a good clue), we do know of a fun costume she recently featured in the October issue of her magazine based on the artist Roy Lichtenstein's work.

“It’s a nice little Lichtenstein moment,” she shared. “I like Lichtenstein and I thought it was sort of a cute idea. And we asked Mrs. Lichtenstein if it was OK. Isn’t that great? It’s really great. I take Halloween very seriously. It’s a fun holiday.”

Stewart may be busy with holiday prep, but she's also got season two of her TV show Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party premiering Oct. 16, where she and Snoop Dogg create themed meals with celebrity friends.

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“Oh it’s so great, the best talent you’ve ever seen all in one place. It’s a very funny nice show. It’s Snoop and Martha,” she said. “[This season] there’s more talent. Jamie Foxx and Patti LaBelle on the same show is kind of fun. And Usher and Puff Daddy in the same show is kind of unusual, so we’re having fun. We had no idea that they had a dispute.”

Stewart didn't find out until later that during filming, Usher and Puff Daddy weren't getting along.

“No, I had no idea. I didn’t know until afterward. That’s how stupid we are,” she said. “They were great! They were great, very professional.”

As Stewart joined the party, other guests like Diane Kruger and Carey Mulligan hit the red carpet wearing Cartier, which is only natural considering what they were there to celebrate.

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Cartier is launching a public exhibition from Oct. 21 to Oct. 29 at its Fifth Avenue flagship, and it will be the biggest Cartier High Jewelry collection on display in the entire country. In light of this, model Carolyn Murphy shared an early jewelry memory of hers that involves Cartier directly. "My earliest jewelry memory would be my Nana’s pearls, but also her Cartier Tank Watch, which I now own myself," she told InStyle.

Actress Sofia Boutella also has a special piece of jewelry from her grandmother—but she doesn't wear it. "It was something that was quite a big part of my grandmother because she always wore it around her neck and when she passed away, my aunt gave it to me, so that was quite special," Boutella said.

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Despite its clear significance to her, Boutella told us she surprisingly doesn't let it leave her house.

"I haven’t worn it yet. It’s safely in my house. I try not to wear it everywhere, but I will. I think I’ve needed a bit of maturity in order to wear that all the time the way she did, but I’m a bit too all over the place," she said. "With my job, I have to take off what I’m wearing all the time and put them back on, and I’ve lost a few things that way, so I’m waiting a tiny bit."

What's keeping Boutella so busy? Up until recently, it was an upcoming movie. Boutella just wrapped filming for an HBO version of Fahrenheit 451 (yes, based on the Ray Bradbury classic) three weeks ago, where she plays Clarisse alongside Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon.

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"When you think about the history of it and where it was written and why it was written, if you think about it, writing a book about the end of books is quite significant. And nowadays, in our day and age, with how social media has improved and expanded, people have lost touch that they had back then with books, so I think it’s quite a compelling story to tell now," she said. "I’m very proud to be part of it."

Scroll through some of our favorite looks of the night to see who else made it out to Governors Island (with gorgeous Cartier jewels in tow) below.

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