Kendall Jenner's Picks for a Perfect Layered Necklace Look

Kendall Jenner's Picks for a Perfect Layered Necklace Look
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If there's one thing we've noticed about Kendall Jenner's style, it's that her necklace game is always on point. Obviously, she's a fan of the choker trend (who isn't these days), but she is also an expert at layering different lengthed chains, pendants, and simple necklaces for an effortlessly chic look.

Jenner took to her website and app on Friday to give fans a little taste of her own personal favorite layering pieces, from H&M, Catbird, and more. "When I'm not wearing a choker, I like to layer a few curated pendants like my Are You Am I Binx choker with other simple trinkets," she revealed. "I check the lengths before I buy and start in the morning with whichever piece I love most. Then, it's all about eyeing it out and piling them on!"

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Sounds easy enough, right? Jenner shared a few of her favorites to help you get started on leveling up your own necklace game.

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Scroll down below to see her chic picks, and happy shopping!

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