Kendall Jenner Reveals Her Favorite Crop Tops for Winter

Kendall Jenner Reveals Her Favorite Crop Tops for Winter
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Kendall Jenner is a lover of all things cropped. Cropped jeans, cropped hair, and of course, cropped tops

"No matter what the weather is like, you'll always see me wearing a crop top," Jenner wrote on her website. "But, in the cooler months, long sleeves and a high neck are the way to stay warm. There are so many cute options right now to rock the crop top into winter."

So many options is right! The crop top trend is at an all time high, no doubt, thanks to the high-profile model's affinity for showing off her abs, and it's not about to hibernate for the winter: see chunky knits and comfy cashmeres all available in the cropped style. 

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Everyone from Taylor Swift and Kaia Gerber to Olivia Palermo and Katie Holmes has rocked the trend, pairing their own winter crop tops with high waisted jeans, high waisted skirts, matching sweatpants, or in the classic skirt and crop top set. There's no wrong way to wear a cropped sweater, and if you feel good in the ensemble, you'll look great in it. 

Scroll down below to see Jenner's top winter crop top picks, and happy shopping!

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