A Supermodel at Any Age! See Birthday Girl Kate Moss’s Best-Ever Fashion Ad Campaigns

A Supermodel at Any Age! See Birthday Girl Kate Moss’s Best-Ever Fashion Ad Campaigns
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Supermodel Kate Moss is in a league all her own. The now-42-year-old is still modeling and, this year, she appeared in several high-fashion ad campaigns, further proving that age is just a number.

Since being discovered at the age of 14, Moss has been featured in major ad campaigns for most every big designer, including Italian, French, American and British brands, such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Rimmel, and Bulgari. In fact, it was Moss's 1993 Calvin Klein Obsession fragrance campaign (pictured above) that launched her into international fame. Since then, Moss's iconic career has been full speed ahead.

In 2007, the model added "fashion designer" to her long list of titles. Ever since, the working mom to daughter Lila Grace Moss Hack, 13, has been busy designing fashion collections—14 in total—for Topshop. Inspired by her own wardrobe, Moss's many Topshop collections has offered buyers the chance to dress in her signature grunge chic, rocker style.

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Today, the London-native has lived out one of the most successful modeling careers to date. In 2012, she was even named to Forbes top earners, reportedly making 9.2 million per year with the help of that gorgeous face and flawless physique of hers. We can't wait to see what's up next for the ageless model, who will no doubt continue to represent some of fashion's hottest brands in 2016.

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In honor of her birthday—and iconic career—we rounded up Moss's best ad campaigns through the years, in which she looks absolutely flawless. Every. Single. Time. Happy birthday, Kate! Here's to you on your birthday.

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