Want to Be Like Jackie Kennedy? Here Are 8 Rules She Lived by

Want to Be Like Jackie Kennedy? Here Are 8 Rules She Lived by
Robert Knudsen/John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum; Fox Searchlight Pictures

There is, perhaps, no greater American figure more beloved for her style and grace as the late Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. Her legacy as the wife of President John F. Kennedy and the keeper of the Camelot legend alone has been a subject of fascination for decades, inspiring countless movies and biographies along the way.

It comes as no surprise, then, that Natalie Portman’s gripping portrayal of the former First Lady in Jackie drummed up buzz all awards season long. The Academy Award-winning actress’s latest tour de force (for which she received an Oscar nod), transcends an ability to retell history after JFK’s assassination; it’s her keen sense of zeroing in on all of the little details that lend credence to this biopic. “She’s so well-known in terms of what she looks like and what she sounds like and how she moves, so to get that is definitely daunting,” Portman told Entertainment Weekly about preparing for the role of a lifetime.

VIDEO: Natalie Portman Talks About Becoming Jackie


From capturing her signature breathy, mid-Atlantic accent to donning her famous pillboxes just so, it’s clear Portman spent time studying Jackie’s every move and every thoughtful action. We recently sat down with Beaumont Etiquette founder Myka Meier to find out what, exactly, made the former First Lady so magnetic and charming—and how we could apply some of this elegance to our own lives.

Scroll through for some of the most fun, useful, and surprisingly easy-to-incorporate findings—you'll be mastering Jackie Kennedy-level etiquette in no time!

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