I Snapchatted Like Kylie Jenner for a Weekend and It Was Weird

I Snapchatted Like Kylie Jenner for a Weekend and It Was Weird
KylizzleMyNizzl/snapchat; Ledolak/snapchat

Thanks to social media, our favorite celebrities are even more accessible to us than ever before. And some take full advantage of the opportunity to show off their glamorous lifestyles. Namely Kylie Jenner, whose Snapchat persona can only be described as lavish, outrageous, and a bit uncensored. The youngest Jenner shares everything from cozy nights in with her dogs and wild nights out with friends, to makeup-free selfies and extravagant pre-event beauty prep. And, while it's sometimes a little disturbing (ahem, close cropped shots of her smooching boyfriend Tyga), it’s nearly impossible to look away.

I, myself, an avid Snapchatter, wanted to find out if the 18-year-old’s snap prowess, including her tendency to overshare, was only acceptable because she is, well, King Kylie. So, I abandoned all shame (necessary when emulating any Kardashian-Jenner) and spent a full weekend Snapchatting like her to gauge how my friends might react to a surprise slew of exaggerated and, admittedly, vain snaps. Spoiler: No Ferrari or stack of Cartier bracelets make an appearance, but a lot of large-lipped selfies (above), lip-syncing, and general feelin’ myself did. Scroll down for some snapshots and reactions to my weekend playing Kylie.

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