Game of Thrones Stars on Instagram: They're Just Like Us!

Game of Thrones Stars on Instagram: They're Just Like Us!

The ladies and gentlemen of Westeros certainly don't live idyllic lives, but off screen the Game of Thrones stars are living it up together. They're constantly sharing Instagrams of each other hanging out when they're not on set, and the only thing stranger than seeing Jon Snow smiling, is what they all look like out of costume. 

Thankfully, Instagram is here to not only let us know that, no, Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen, is not actually a blonde, but also that they're all actually friends off screen. If you're not following them, then you could miss the adorable photo that Clarke shared of her and Kit Harington on set of season 7. As Mindy Kaling put it when she regrammed the photo on to her account: "Kit Harington looks like her cousin who visited set on summer break. King of the North, or cousin Oliver with astigmatism." 

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That's definitely not the only too-cute Instagram that has been shared. Scroll to see 45 of the best Instagrams the Game of Thrones have shared so far.

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