27 Times Charlize Theron's Fabulousness Almost Made Us Weep

27 Times Charlize Theron's Fabulousness Almost Made Us Weep
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Charlize Theron has proven to be a lot of things. The 41-year-old stunner is an actress, an activist, and now, a bonafide fashion icon. For more than 20 years, the star has dazzled on red carpets around the world, putting forward a style that's equal parts modern and classic. 

VIDEO: Charlize Theron’s Dance Moves Are Downr...

Time and time again, the Oscar-winning beauty has stolen the fashion spotlight with show-stopping gowns—many of them from Dior. But with her poise and model looks, Charlize also has legendary houses such as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and Alexander McQueen eager to dress her. 

In her new film, Atomic Blonde, Theron plays a tough assassin on a mission. And, as much as we loved watching the film—trust: it's pretty baller—we've been even more stoked to watch what the actress wears as she promotes it. Just look at the killer, two-piece Dior look she wore at the Germany world premiere, shown above.

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Want more? Scroll through to take a a look back at some of this atomic babe's most swoon-worthy red-carpet looks. 

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