These Women Made History During the 2016 Election

These Women Made History During the 2016 Election
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No matter your political leanings or which leaders you support, Tuesday's presidential and congressional elections will go down in history. And although the nation's highest glass ceiling remains intact, the 2016 election still brought a new wave of female leaders to the government.

A diverse range of women earned spots in the Republican-led House of Representatives and the Senate (which will have 21 women in 2017 for the first time) as well as in governor's mansions around the country.

Among the newly elected and notable: Tammy Duckworth, Ilhan Omar, Kate Brown, Kamala Harris, Catherine Cortez Masto, and Pramila Jayapal. Here we have the first Indian-American as well as the first Somali-American representatives, the first openly LGBTQ woman to be elected as governor, and the first Latina as well as the first Thai-American to serve in the Senate.

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Scroll down below to take a closer look at these women, get inspired by their unique voices, and their takes on what it means to be an American today. 

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