Do These Models Really Wear Glasses? Let's Investigate

Do These Models Really Wear Glasses? Let's Investigate
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Geek chic is beyond in these days—from Chanel fanny packs to Fenty knee socks—it seems that no one can resist the allure of the outlandishly nerdy. That being said, it’s hard to tell where exactly the line is drawn between practicality and aesthetic appeal. Is there actually anything in Kendall Jenner’s fanny packs, or are they simply a fashion statement?

This brings us to a matter of grave importance: models wearing glasses. It’s not uncommon to see this generation’s It Girls snapping selfies from behind a pair of oversize rims, a la your seventh-grade Algebra teacher.


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So here’s the question: Do these pillars of contemporary culture actually *need* glasses, like, to see? We’ve reached out to several of these models’ reps for comment (no response yet) and did some sleuthing of our own.

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Here’s what we uncovered in our optical investigation.

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