Derek Hough Joins the TIA Girl Club to Empower Tweens

Derek Hough Joins the TIA Girl Club to Empower Tweens
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"Today I Am," is a phrase mom Vanessa Schenck would repeat with her daughter Julia, before tucking her into bed each night: "Today I am smart!,” “Today I am awesome!,” “Today I am strong!"

It was through these affirmations that Schenck realized the potential to build a community of strong young girls, and give them an outlet to express themselves and empower them to realize their full potential. Schenck founded the TIA Girl Club, TIA standing for "Today I Am," as a "clubhouse style retail website where tween girls can not only shop great products, but also learn how to be empowered, express their true inner voice and be engaged in a community with other like-minded tween girls," according to the group's website.

TIA Girl Club's signature product is a subscription delivery service of a "Treasure Box" full of tweenage goodies, like a cute sleeping mask, a beanie, a graphic poster with an inspiring message, and more. TV personality and actor Derek Hough has joined the TIA movement as a mentor and curated two TIA Treasure boxes filled with inspirational messaging and activities aimed to empower young girls and boys alike.

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“I have long been a firm believer in the power of positivity, that believing is empowering," Hough said in a press statement. "I am honored to be able to team up with the TIA GIRL CLUB to curate a very special box and to work with them to develop their very first TIA Box for Boys. 'Today I Am' is one of the most powerful phrases that we can teach young boys and girls. We can, through example, show them that there are no limits on their dreams, their aspirations or their perceptions of themselves." He took to Instagram recently to spread awareness of the partnership and the amazing cause TIA supports.

I was bullied as a kid. I was told that who I was wasn’t good enough. At times my dreams felt like they’d never come true. My story is not unique. But there’s a new empowerment brand for kids doing something to help. It’s called @tiagirlclub. They teach kids how to choose to be happy. To be their authentic selves (despite what other’s may say). And that yes, anything is possible! I’m so happy to be TIA GIRL CLUB’S monthly Trailblazer (role model) for December. Not only did I design a Treasure Box for the TIA GIRLS, I designed a first-ever TIA Box for Boys! Both are full of items to help spark creativity and the belief that you control your destiny. I hope you check them out and consider buying one for the kid in your life this holiday season! #TodayIAm #TakingTheLead #YourWordsMatter

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Scroll down below to take a look at Hough's awesome curated Treasure Boxes, all available now on

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