Could Courteney Cox's Airy Malibu Home Be Any More Beautiful?

Could Courteney Cox's Airy Malibu Home <em>Be</em> Any More Beautiful?
Laure Joliet for One Kings Lane

After years of real estate shake-ups, Courteney Cox has decided that her current home is perfect—“This is a house I’ll never move from,” she told One Kings Lane. You might say that the Friends alum’s Malibu abode will always be there for her (cue rapid-fire clapping sequence). Puns aside, Cox’s clean beachfront home is the epitome of calm coastal living—it would be hard to lose your cool on the airy premises, even for Monica Geller.

Though Cox has held the Oceanside property for about ten years, her work on the estate is never done. Currently, the actress is focusing on updating the home’s interior décor as her aesthetic tastes change. “Before I was kind of into organic with modern, and now I’m into really old mixed with cleaner stuff. I’m not really changing everything, just a shift—because why not?” Cox said of her ever-evolving design preferences.

In accordance with her Malibu hideaway’s unique style, the Cougar Town actress has partnered with One Kings Lane to offer some of her favorite home products to the public. Shop the earthy collection here.

VIDEO: Inside Courteney Cox's Oceanside Malibu Home


For a closer look inside Cox’s home, scroll through the photos below.

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