The Sexiest Outtakes from Charlie Hunnam's InStyle Shoot

The Sexiest Outtakes from Charlie Hunnam's <em>InStyle</em> Shoot
Billy Ballard

In our April issue, Bad Feminist writer Roxane Gay spoke at length to self-proclaimed “weird, existential adult” actor Charlie Hunnam, about the pressures of Hollywood and the difficulty of reconciling real life with his immersive work on-set.

Naturally, the spread also included a slew of ultra-sexy photos of the Sons of Anarchy alum (not to pigeonhole him, but his good looks are hard to ignore.) Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough room in InStyle's April issue for every one of the shoot’s artful photos—but that shouldn’t keep you from the full experience.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve gathered the best of Hunnam’s InStyle outtakes. Brace yourself.

P.S.: Has anyone ever looked better in a trucker hat? Our sources say no.

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Read Gay’s full interview with Hunnam here.

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