9 Hilarious Photos of Celebs Getting Crushed by Waves

9 Hilarious Photos of Celebs Getting Crushed by Waves
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Ah, summer days at the beach. For most of us mere mortals, a day spent in the shore means sunburns, frizzy hair, and sand everywhere. But somehow, the rules of physics don’t seem to apply to celebs. Their hair stays in perfect beachy waves, their swimsuits stay in place, and there’s not one rogue tan line to be found.

Which is why we did a little digging to find these hilarious and cringe-worthy photos of stars getting totally wiped out by waves. From Justin Bieber to Jake Gyllenhaal, these pics are proof that not even A-list stars are immune to a dose of ocean-sized humiliation. Basically, you’re not the only one who has gotten wiped out by a particularly gnarly breaker.

VIDEO: Beachy Waves for the Girl on the Go

Keep scrolling for nine celebs who didn’t get any special treatment when Mother Nature had her say.

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