11 Celebrities with Their Very Own Toy Doll Doppelgänger

11 Celebrities with Their Very Own Toy Doll Doppelgänger
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Some would say that the highest celebrity honor is earning a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, casting your handprints in a namesake slab of cement—but we think there’s a form of immortalization that beats even that: having a doll made in your likeness.

Throughout the years, Mattel and fellow toy companies have turned the most high-profile American figures into plastic toys for pop culture-obsessed children, adults, and doll collectors.

Want to see Katy Perry and J.Lo share a stage? Make Ava DuVernay and Zendaya work on a film together? Thanks to Mattel, it can be done (sort of).

Most recently, the company created a Barbie in Ashley Graham’s likeness, which the plus-sized model ensured was made sans thigh-gap. But Graham is far from the first to receive such an honor—the tradition has been in place since 1967, when Twiggy was introduced to the Barbie family.

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Scroll through our collection below to see some of the most notable celebrity dolls.

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