8 Powerful Celebrities Who Shut Down Tabloid Rumors

8 Powerful Celebrities Who Shut Down Tabloid Rumors
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The Hollywood rumor mill is one crazy place to find yourself in. From plastic surgery claims and haters on social media, to hurtful accusations from tabloids and strangers, stars find themselves dealing with a good amount on nonsense on a daily basis.

While plenty of celebrities just brush off the comments and move on, plenty more use their elevated status to clap back on the haters, and discuss what these claims might mean for society in general. Renée Zellweger's Huffington Post op-ed on the Hollywood obsession with plastic surgery garnered major attention, and Jennifer Lawrence's letter called out the unfair wage gap between men and women that exists not just in the corporate world, but in film and media as well.

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Take a look here at all the celebrities who took a stand and set the record straight regarding crazy rumors, unrealistic standards, body shamers, and more.

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