All the Celebrities Who Love Their Green Juice

All the Celebrities Who Love Their Green Juice
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Although we figured the green juice trend would eventually fade, as do many fads (food, fashion or otherwise), it seems that drinking your veggies is here to stay, with plenty of celebrities, like Naomi Watts, Emma Roberts, and Nick Jonas, stepping out, green juice in tow.

Whether its fresh pressed kale and berries, or a spinach and mango smoothie, there's nothing wrong with drinking your vegetables, and according to a study done at Time magazine, "a store-bought, veggie-heavy green juice can contain 36% of your daily recommended potassium and 20% of daily vitamin A, with 12 grams of natural sugar, no fat and 4 grams of protein," and a homemade recipe could contain even double that. Plus, adding an avocado to your smoothie not only adds that green color, healthy fats, and plenty of protein, but a delicious creamy texture, too.

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Even if you're not a juice cleanse type of person, sipping on a green-hued, veggie-filled drink definitely can't hurt your health. Have one after your morning workout, as an afternoon pick-me-up, or just a midday snack. We're sure these stars below don't limit when or where they drink their own green concoctions—scroll through our gallery to see which celebs love their green juice the most!

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