11 Celebrities Who Design Killer Shoe Collections

11 Celebrities Who Design Killer Shoe Collections
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Fame and fortune may seem like enough from the outside, but these multi-tasking celebrities prove they can dip their toes in any pool (or shoe!) with their unique and impressive side jobs: footwear lines. The actors, singers, and celebrity children have shown off their design talents with best-selling collaborations and entire clothing and accessory labels.

In fact, some of these stars have pushed so hard for their designs and stood by their brands for so long that their shoe lines are now one of the first associations people make with them.

It’s hard to believe that known actress and Manhattanite Sarah Jessica Parker didn’t launch her career with a shoe line—fancy footwear has always been such a vital part of her public image. And how about Rihanna—remember the days before the singer hit the design jackpot with her PUMA Creeper shoe? We barely do.

VIDEO: Sarah Jessica Parker's Red Carpet Style

Browse through below to check out the hottest celebrity footwear lines both available now and launching in the near future.

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