18 Celebrities Who Know Mom Is Always the Best Red Carpet Date

18 Celebrities Who Know Mom Is Always the Best Red Carpet Date
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While we assume celebrities have nerves of steel, red carpets can admittedly be daunting for even the most A-list star. There are hoards of press lined up to get an interview, screaming fans trying to grab your attention, and photographers looking for the perfect shot. So who better to take as your date than the woman who’s been helping you get through the most terrifying of events since the day you were born?

These 18 celebrities know that taking mom as your date is always the right answer. From Orlando Bloom to Justin Timberlake, Charlize Theron to Rihanna, these stars are repeat offenders when it comes to choosing mother over a significant other as their red carpet companion, from their very first movie premiere to their umpteenth award show. "Sorry hun, but mom's got dibs on the Oscars," we can just imagine Bradley Cooper telling Irina Shayk.

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