12 Celebrities Riding the Subway Like Regular People

12 Celebrities Riding the Subway Like Regular People
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Think your favorite stars only get from point A to point B in massive SUVs with tinted windows and an army of bodyguards? Think again.

Sure, Hollywood’s best-known may drive themselves around Southern California if that’s what they call home, but those living in New York City—or any other major metropolitan area with solid public transportation—know that when it’s time to rush, there’s only one way to get somewhere quickly: the subway.

That’s why for years, celebrities, like all of us, have been refilling their paper subway passes and swiping to hop on the train with the millions of people who do so regularly. Meryl Streep has done it in a floral dress. Emma Roberts does so wielding a backpack. Hillary Swank takes time to check her phone. And even the late, great King of Pop Michael Jackson has gone underground.

Don’t believe us? We’ve got proof.

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