BFF Goals: Chloe Sevigny and Natasha Lyonne Talk 20 Years of Friendship

BFF Goals: Chloe Sevigny and Natasha Lyonne Talk 20 Years of Friendship
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Chloe Sevigny may be every cool girl’s dream BFF–who wouldn’t want to borrow from the Holy Grail of closets?—but in real life she’s been calling upon bestie, Orange Is the New Black star Natasha Lyonne, for 20-plus years. That’s longer than most Hollywood marriages last so, naturally, we wanted to know how they’ve kept their friendship super strong for more than two decades. Here’s what we took away:

1. Grow Together
“It's nice to have someone that I can confide in and also whose taste I admire and trust. I can talk about choices and offers, and they have an opinion that really matters to me,” Sevigny recently said when we sat down with her and Lyonne at the Sundance Film Festival, where the pair was premiering their crazy new horror film together, Antibirth.

“Not to mention [talk about] our boyfriends so we can read each other’s text messages and be like, what is this one?” Lyonne laughed. “With Chloe it's really pretty deep. We've been really tight now for 20 years so it's kind of hard to surpass. I almost feel like a decade ago or whatever it was, it felt like more of an age gap between us because Chloe was already sort of like a very cool person and I was sort of 17 and figuring stuff out. It felt more like siblings in a weird way. Chloe is that amazing sort of caretaker and in many ways it was sort of that dynamic that as we have gotten older it's been this incredible thing to watch our friendship really grow.”

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2. Be Their “In Case of Emergency” Contact
“We also drive each to the doctor,” Sevigny said.

“It's pretty wild. When I had my heart surgery, Chloe was the person that I brought with me. She’s the executor to my estate should I die—which I plan on doing before her,” Lyonne joked. “It’s sort of like I’m the weird, adopted, frizzy haired Jewish sibling of this wonderful Connecticut family that has sort of taken me in.”

3. Recognize Each Other’s Strengths
“Chloe is legitimately the coolest person in the world, so it is a very peaceful thing for my soul that if Chloe sort of okays something by me, I know it's okay in a very deep level. I don’t know that I really have that with anybody else,” Lyonne said, also noting that, “Chloe is the single most loyal person you'll ever meet in your life. It’s actually almost over the top.”

And Sevigny said Lyonne brings a therapeutic quality to their group of friends. “If anybody has any emotional or moral dilemmas, we go to Tashe because she's the most analytical and the smartest of the lot and can really talk things out in a way and make you see things from other angles, and the argument that maybe you wouldn’t want to face. She has like a real arsenal of ways to deal with problems.”

4. Fights Are Inevitable but Sometimes Avoidable
“We haven’t had that many fights but we're both very irritable. But we know when we each enter that state and we know that it's going to pass, but sometimes it's hard to get through it,” Sevigny said. “My fuse is pretty short. Unfortunately I feel like it's one of my great character flaws, but it always comes out of like insecurities and anxieties, and usually I’m tired, hungry, and other things. We have had a couple fights I think around boyfriends.”

“Here's what happened,” Lyonne said as the women laughed about her hilariously detailed account of their short-lived spat over a boy’s phone number—the type of story all true friends know well.

5. Sharing Clothes Is Caring
“We help each other with the styling a bit. This morning we were like, say yay or nay,” Sevigny said.

To which Lyonne quickly responded, “I mean that's a generous thing! Obviously Chloe has like the best taste of all time. Chloe will just sort of like come out and say, what do you think of this? I’m like, that is the greatest thing that I have ever seen! And then I bring 19 options and I make her go through it all. She has but the patience of a saint.”

After hearing the duo’s admiration for each other—along with their big laughs and years-old stories—we’re feeling inspired to dredge up our friendship necklaces and plan a girls' night in, stat. After all, no one compares to a BFF when you’re crying, celebrating, or just having a moment.

“What is so amazing about a long friendship is it goes like life itself. Do you know what I mean?” Lyonne said. “It just kind of goes through its own waves. If I’m in deep breakup state, that’s going to be the worst month of Chloe's life and she's going to hear about it for a solid month.”

“And vice versa,” Sevigny said.

Scroll down to see some of their most memorable moments through the years.

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