11 Times Amy Schumer's Real Talk Went Viral 

11 Times Amy Schumer's Real Talk Went Viral 
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Amy Schumer is famously candid about, well, everything. There’s little (possibly nothing) the comedian won’t touch in her standup routines, on social media, or with the press.

The actress kept one thing private, though: Her new boyfriend, chef Chris Fischer. Just a few days after going public with their relationship on Instagram, the couple wed in a private ceremony on Feb. 14 in front of quite a few celebrity guests.

Labeled as a “sex comic” (more on that later), Schumer confronts every bodily function as if she were describing a meal or texting her mom—though egregiously NSFW, her tone would have you fooled.

Clearly, Schumer is one funny lady—you can boil it down to stage presence, timing, or what have you, but I think the linchpin to Amy’s success is her ability to connect with her fans. She’s the kind of comedian who says what you were thinking but would never imagine saying out loud. She’s the kind of comedian whose jokes you re-tweet with the caption @me. She’s the kind of comedian you’re certain would be your bestie if circumstance allowed.

Pretty much everything that comes out of Schumer’s mouth is funny, but it’s those crazy viral moments that always strike a chord.

VIDEO: Behind The Scenes at Amy Schumer's Cover Shoot

Scroll down below for a taste of Amy’s funniest and most viral real talk.

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