Emmy Rossum Explains Why She Almost Showed Up Naked to the American Ballet Theatre Gala

Emmy Rossum Explains Why She Almost Showed Up Naked to the American Ballet Theatre Gala
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Ballerinas dressed in Hungarian-style costumes posed in the Metropolitan Opera House’s Grand Tier last night, where the floor-to-ceiling glass walls overlooked Lincoln Center Plaza in New York City. Guests were dressed in their finest ensembles for the Parisian-themed affair, while pink and purple carnations adorned the blue and white striped cocktail tables which were set under glittering chandeliers. What was the glamorous occasion? The American Ballet Theatre's 2014 Opening Night Spring Gala, which was attended by fans like Taye Diggs, Selena Gomez, Emmy Rossum, Sigourney Weaver, Karlie Kloss, and Coco Rocha.

Many of the stars, including Zoe Kravitz, Estelle, and Kelly Rowland were celebrating their first time at the ballet, while other frequenters like Rossum and Weaver were eager to celebrate. "Ballet is the ultimate athleticism. It’s strength. It’s grace. It’s coordination, understanding of timing, interacting with your fellow players onstage, it’s storytelling—it's all just really beautiful," Rossum tells InStyle. "When you see somebody do it well, it’s very emotional in a way."

While the stars were serious about the ballet performance, they were more lax about their own dancing skills and eager to share their signature moves. "I love to dance," Diggs, in a dapper John Varvatos ensemble, says. "My best move depends on the music, how I’m feeling, and how much I’ve had to drink." Meanwhile, Rossum discussed her lack of skills. "I don't consider myself a good dancer, I'm not coordinated enough," the actress shares. "I dance in my underwear, and it’s usually just fist pumps with some kind of pop and thrust." Rocha's favorite dance move is of a different type altogether: the Irish jig. "The first rule of thumb is someone else has to break out in an Irish jig before I do," the model says. "Even in a nightclub! Everyone loves a jig in a nightclub!"

One slight problem to occur right before the otherwise beautiful evening began? "My dress showed up about 12 minutes before the show started. I think there was some kind of tailoring mishap," Rossum tells InStyle of her Lanvin gown. "I almost came naked, but I didn’t."

Want more from the beautiful event? Go inside the American Ballet Theatre's 2014 Opening Night Spring Gala in our gallery now!

—With reporting by Brooke Mazurek and Yelena Shuster.

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