26 Celebrities Who Adopted Their Adorable Pups

26 Celebrities Who Adopted Their Adorable Pups

Sunday is a very exciting day. Not only is it the biggest day of the year for football, but dog-lovers everywhere can revel in two full hours of puppies playing together in a miniature football stadium. Puppy Bowl XII kicks off at 3p.m. EST on Animal Planet and carries on the tradition of promoting animal rescue and the adoption of cute homeless puppies with, lets be honest, unbelievable cuteness

These dogs from shelters all over the country have the opportunity to show off their canine charm and hopefully gain interest from a loving family. Adopting from shelters has become way more mainstream in recent years, as celebrities like Hilary Swank, Jane Lynch, and Kaley Cuoco promote animal adoption.

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Just a few months ago, one of Hollywood's cutest couples gained another member, when George and Amal Clooney adopted a four-year-old basset hound named Millie from a California shelter. Recently, Liam Hemsworth became even more desirable (because who doesn't love a guy and his man's best friend) when he adopted another rescue dog in addition to his first dog and #TrueLove, Tani.

Persuaded to adopt yet? If not, check out these celebrities who have decided to add a rescue pup (or two!) to their family. 

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