23 Times Gwyneth Paltrow Did Regular Things

23 Times Gwyneth Paltrow Did Regular Things

Would you say hello to Gwyneth Paltrow if you saw her at the grocery store? I know I would. Yes, it's the friendly thing to do, but there's another reason I'd stop and say hello: I want to know what's in her shopping cart.

I imagine it would be filled with pounds of kale, gluten-free everything, and milk so low in fat it could pass for water. After all, we're talking about that Gwyneth, the one responsible for introducing the world to the Mugworth V-Steam and the same actress whose children call Jay Z "uncle." Going off headlines alone, there's nothing down to earth about Paltrow's million-dollar homes and love affair with Valentino.

But thanks to the beauty of Instagram, we also know that Gwyneth is just like us. She laughs, she cries, she drinks white wine, and then she takes a selfie with her girls. To celebrate our February cover girl, 24 moments that make us think the woman could really hang. 

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