19 Celebrities Who Make Sweaty Look Good

19 Celebrities Who Make Sweaty Look Good

How is it that some fitness instructors manage to make your 45-minute spin session look like a commercial for Fabletics? Throughout the class, their hair remains perfectly coiffed. They smile brighter. And they seem to have found their zen while the rest of us struggle to reach for a sip of water.

Yes, the rush of endorphins that comes from working out is like no other, but is it really possible to look like you're ready for your close-up in the gym? Because someone's gotta do it, we turned to Hollywood to see how celebrities keep it together after a sweat session. The results? Total fitness inspiration.

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Certain stars make tees and sweat-soaked leggings look fashionable. But as we discovered, it's not so much about how you look, but rather, how you feel.

Scroll down to see all the stars that'll give you the motivation you need to head to the gym for no one but yourself.

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