15 Celebs Who Are Totally, Unapologetically Fangirls

15 Celebs Who Are Totally, Unapologetically Fangirls
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They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. Well, a picture of a celeb wearing another celeb on their shirt might be worth 10,000.

Sometimes it’s simply a way of showing their support to a fellow A-lister. Or maybe it’s to send a message that a relationship is still going strong (ahem, Gigi and Zayn). But most of the time, when a star slips on a T-shirt touting another star, it’s a case of pure, unadulterated fangirling. And that is something we can always get behind.

From Drake’s tribute to Jaden Smith (above) to Madonna’s undying love for Tupac Shakur, keep scrolling for 15 stars who aren’t afraid to wear their celeb-obsessed hearts on their sleeves.

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