13 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Austin Mahone

13 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Austin Mahone
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When it comes to sharing the details of everyday life, Austin Mahone isn’t one to hold anything back. And when you have over 8 million Instagram followers, it seems downright like celebrity duty to keep them constantly looped in. But while Mahone’s biggest fans—or “Mahomies,” if you will—already know that he got his start on YouTube, is a pro at taking selfies, and has a killer hat and shoe collection, there’s more to the 19-year-old star than meets the eye—or his Instagram feed.

For one thing, Mahone is already planning ahead when it comes to the holidays. We caught up with the singer just before he performed at the unveiling of Lord & Taylor’s holiday window display in New York City last night, and he revealed that he’s ready to hit the stores. But don’t expect to see him taking a leisurely stroll up and down the aisles of his favorite retailers. “I’m just going to get there before everybody else, throw as much stuff in a bag as I can fit, and then get out of there,” Mahone told InStyle. But some gifts don’t wrap up so easily, like the one the singer says is the best present he’s ever given someone. “I once bought my friend a tattoo for his birthday,” he said. “It was a $400 dollar tattoo of a huge longhorn on his back.” 

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As for the best gift that Mahone has ever received, it’s one that keeps him on the move. “I recently got a two-seater ATV type of off-roading vehicle that you can take to the sand dunes,” he said. “I was shooting an episode for a TV show and they gave me one, which was amazing. It’s all red and black, and on the inside it has lights and a crazy system. Plus, it has my logo on it.” Scroll down to learn 13 more things we discovered about Mahone during our conversation. (One hint: he might soon be swimming in ketchup!)

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