The 11 Hottest Ryan Reynolds Moments of All Time

The 11 Hottest Ryan Reynolds Moments of All Time
Matthew Brookes

If Ryan Reynolds's Super Bowl ad for Hyundai wasn’t enough to get you pumped for his return to the big screen, we don’t know what will. And the good news is you won’t have to wait long for your next trip to Ryanville.

This Friday, the 39-year-old actor brings his signature six-pack to Marvel's anti-superhero film, Deadpool. And in true Reynolds style, the character is much more than your average vigilante. With a filthy sense of humor and quick quips for days, Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, has a distinctly confident, yet not quite cocky demeanor that we've come to love in many of Reynolds's alter egos like Van Wilder and Green Lantern.

In real life, the star says he’s a little more subdued ("I don't have that kind of swagger,” he told InStyle), but we still think he's just as sexy. Scroll down to see 11 of his hottest moments ever, both on-screen and off.

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