11 Former Bond Girls Share Their Favorite 007 Moments

11 Former Bond Girls Share Their Favorite 007 Moments
Horst Diekgerdes

There are three things that you can always count on from a James Bond movie: seedy villains, shaken—not stirred martinis, and smokin' hot Bond Girls. And the newest film, Spectre, delivers on all three.

This time around, Bond (Daniel Craig) is chasing down Christoph Waltz's deliciously evil baddie, Oberhauser. All that action happens when he’s not knocking back Belvedere, natch. But it’s French actress Léa Seydoux who really steals the spotlight as his sexy (and smart!) girl du jour.

In honor of the film, in theaters now, we’re flashing back to our 2012 shoot with 11 of our favorite former Bond Girls. From Tomorrow Never Dies star Teri Hatcher to Live and Let Die's Jane Seymour, read on as they reminisce about landing the coveted role and what it’s like to be part of the world’s most exclusive sorority.

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