Remember the Six Chicks from 13 Going on 30? They Became Big-Name Stars

Remember the Six Chicks from <em>13 Going on 30</em>? They Became Big-Name Stars
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Don't deny it: Anytime 13 Going on 30 is on TV, you just have to watch, right? It's practically a scientific fact. That closet scene where Jenna rocks double buns, bubblegum pink lip gloss, and a disco-inspired slip dress is an all-time favorite.

Although Jennifer Garner is often touted as the star (we get it), this movie would be nothing without the Six Chicks. They're the equivalent of Mean Girls' The Plastics, if they hopped in a time machine back to the '80s.

Speaking of time travel, where are the infamous Six Chicks now? Believe it or not, Ashley Benson and Brie Larson made up one-third of that group. Keep reading to find out about the rest of the scrunchie-wearing crew—and you know, if they kept wearing scrunchies.

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Ashley Benson

Yup, the Pretty Little Liars star was one of the Six Chicks. Benson basically played a vintage Hanna Marin. Even then she had amazing hair.

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Brittany Curran

If you watch Chicago Fire, you may recognize Brittany Curran. She also starred in Twisted and Men of a Certain Age.

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Alexandra Kyle

Alexandra Kyle played young Tom-Tom, aka the ring leader of the group and the one with the spot-on ponytail. Since then, Kyle appeared on Justified, NCIS, and more.

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Brie Larson

You probably already know Oscar winner Brie Larson from Room, Trainwreck, and United States of Tara.

As for the final Six Chicks, Julia Roth and Megan Lusk haven't really been in the spotlight. According to IMDB, Roth worked as a production assistant on True Detective, meanwhile Lusk's had a 2005 cameo in Without A Trace.

Finding out where these ladies wound up feels like a mini junior-high reunion. And it's a relief they outgrew their '80s attire and bad attitudes. However, we would like to see some of those ponytail moments happen again. Just. So. Good.

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