We Put 5 Foundations to the Selfie Test 

We Put 5 Foundations to the Selfie Test 

If you've picked up a foundation at your local beauty megastore lately, chances are, it went through the "selfie test" before landing in your hands. Back in September, the New York Times reported that during the product development phase, many brands put their foundation formulas under the lens of both an iPhone and an Android camera to see if they delivered on those #instaperfect promises. I was somewhat surprised, though not entirely since selfies kind of dominate the internet these days, and completely fascinated. Naturally, I decided to conduct a selfie test of my own. I grabbed five new foundations, spent a week trying a different one out each day, and snapped a selfie under the same light settings to see if the formulas lived up to their claims.

Of course, I had to set some ground rules first. Since the test focused solely on foundation, I wasn't going to allow myself to apply any concealer or powder prior to taking the picture. Also, no photo retouching, FaceTune-ing, or Perfect 365-ing BECAUSE THAT IS CHEATING. My application method was the same with each product; I did my skincare routine as usual, skipped the primer, used my fingers to blend on the formula, then buffed everything out with a wet BeautyBlender sponge.

That being said, taking selfies is actually really hard, and after all of this, I'm pretty convinced that hell is a room wallpapered with every single rejected selfie you've ever taken. Lighting is obviously a key element, but no one tells you what you're supposed to do with your face, and I debated whether or not to actually hold the foundation in the photo. But like, what would Kim Kardashian do, right? She'd hold that bottle high and mighty, and would probably work that fish gape pose to boot. Obviously I don't have that pose figured out in the slightest, but as far as foundations that look good sans filter go, I've got that on lock. Keep scrolling to see how each of the five fared.

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