These Two-Toned Lipsticks Bring Double the Fun to Your Pout

These Two-Toned Lipsticks Bring Double the Fun to Your Pout

Finding the perfect lip liner and lipstick duo can be somewhat of a challenging feat, especially if you don't have the lipstick in question on hand for swatching purposes. Veer too light, and you lose definition around your lips. Veer too dark, and a slightly cringe-worthy '90s effect settles in (not everything from that decade is worth revisiting, tbh).

Merging two complementary shades into one streamlined bullet, two-toned lipsticks are taking the guesswork out of the color-matching game, not to mention, even tracing your lips. Simply swipe on the lipstick with the darker shade closer to the exterior of your pout, blot to mix the tones together, and like that, you've given your lips a more defined shape. They're perfect for creating a contoured appearance, or if you flip the order of the colors, you can impart a gorgeous popsicle stain look, as seen above. Plus, since the liner is technically built in, you're basically getting two products for the price of one.

Look at you, working the system.

Shop our four favorite two-toned lipsticks below.

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