Try This App to Find Your Perfect Makeup Shade

Try This App to Find Your Perfect Makeup Shade
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Finding makeup that truly matches your complexion can be nearly as hard as finding a soul mate. How many times have wasted over $20 by picking up a slightly wrong shade of foundation? Fortunately, now there’s a Tinder for cosmetics. Meet Plum Perfect (free on iTunes), an app that uses a selfie (we suggest taking your selfie in good lighting so the results aren't skewed) to analyze your coloring and then scans over 60,000 makeup products to find ideal hues for your hair, skin, eyes and lips.

Better yet, the app offers an on-demand sampling program that doesn’t require a monthly subscription: For $0 to $2 (prices vary depending on what you choose), you can receive makeup from brands like Iman or Jay Manuel. Isn’t your coffee money at Starbucks worth finding the right red lipstick or concealer?


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